Effective protection
against DDoS attacks

What are DDoS attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most common cyber-terrorist attacks on online services and connectivity. Due to the damage they cause, can be compared to weapons of mass destruction. In addition to direct financial losses, they also damage reputation and increase the risk of customers running to the competition.


Who is the most common target of DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks happen to online systems across the spectrum: from nonprofit organizations, through commercial entities to government institutions. These are often random attacks without a specific target, which aim to disable as many online services as possible, but even targeted attacks are not so unique.


Effectively defending yourself against DDoS attacks

FlowGuard service is a technologically advanced solution that provides comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. The deployment of FlowGuard is suitable where the disruption of the availability of critical online services by DDoS attacks could result in major financial losses or threatens the operation of a strategically significant entity.


A robust infrastructure will protect you against an attack

The FlowGuard security system is based on a network of mutually independent security centers. These centers, due to their distributed architecture, ensure not only higher resistance to attacks against protected targets, but also the protection of the FlowGuard service from overloading.


Our statistics of deflected attacks

FlowGuard is used by international banks, government institutions and leading online shops. Every day we provide our customers with critical network infrastructure protection against DDoS attacks, this allows us to ensure availability of their services even in the event of a massive attack.


441694 Successfully deflected attacks
by the FlowGuard system
over the past week.


1560069 Successfully deflected attacks
by the FlowGuard system
over the past month.


19918960 Successfully deflected attacks
by the FlowGuard system
over the past year.

Why is FlowGuard unique?

FlowGuard is not controlled only from one location. Our independent security centers communicate with one another and can make decisions themselves.

We have a decentralized system

FlowGuard service uses a distributed architecture based on a network of mutually independent scrubbing centers capable of neutralizing even very massive attacks.

We offer comprehensive hybrid protection

We place a hardware device into your network, called a CPE, which automatically evaluates data traffic. If this device detects an attack, it redirects your data traffic to the FlowGuard Cloud service. A hybrid solution offers the best possible protection against DDoS attacks, while at the same time it is an economically advantageous service.

We maintain your service always available

During an attack, we do not block IP addresses, which can often be spurious. We are able to identify dangerous data and effectively neutralize it. Legitimate users still have access to your online services.

We protect against all types of DDoS attacks

We are able to protect your online services against all types of attacks on Layers 3 and 4 (i.e., SYN, UDP, NTP...) on Layer 7 (i.e. HTTP, GET, POST...) but even before attacks from various IoT devices. We have the tools that will help us also detect completely new types of attacks.

We use a self-learning mechanism

Using a self-learning mechanism allows you to effectively evaluate the data traffic in your network. If anomalies are detected in comparison with normal operation, full protection is immediately activated. Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to protect against even completely new or modified types of attacks.

We provide automatic protection

Your online services are protected 24 hours a day through completely automatic protection. You will be immediately notified by employees of the FlowGuard Monitoring Center about the attack, and you can track its progress and deflections within your user account at our client portal.

In addition to protecting against DDoS attacks, FlowGuard also offers protection against some other threats. Using the complementary Data Leak Prevention (DLP) module, which pseudonymises personal data from Internet servers to help meet the requirements of the European GDPR Guideline, it also provides information to authorized people on potential security incidents. The WAF (Web Application Firewall) module then protects web applications and eliminates the attacks described in OWASP TOP10.

Map of current attacks

The number of incoming attacks from individual countries against targets in the Czech Republic, now deflected by the FlowGuard system.

Is your website protected
against an DDoS attack?

Consult the possibilities of protecting against DDoS attacks with our specialists. We will propose to you the most suitable solution that will fully meet your needs.