FlowGuard DDoS protection

Just as you protect your physical assets, you need to constantly think about the security of your online service

Many security centers prevent overwhelming of DDoS protection

Thanks to the fact that FlowGuard is not controlled only from one location, but it is based on a distributed architecture, it guarantees higher resistance to attacks and overwhelming of the security center, which leads to unavailability of your service.

Independent security centers are able to make decisions themselves by implementing advanced intelligence, even if they lose contact with the main center. They take into account the existing information they have received from the main center and evaluate them with their newly obtained ones. Once the connection with the main center has been re-established, the decentralised centers will provide the newly acquired information to the main center, and the center will take them into account in further attacks.

Your service is under constant automatic protection, which will immediately start with a DDoS attack. We will immediately notify you of the attack and you can track its course and fending off in your customer administration.

A system that automatically learns and prepares for DDoS attacks

FlowGuard is unique thanks to the use of a self-learning mechanism that can filter infected data from the attacker by cleaning the data stream and then removing them. We do not block all IP addresses, and so nothing prevents customer access to your service even during the attack.

Advantages of the FlowGuard service

What attacks does FlowGuard prevent?

The FlowGuard service reliably protects you against common types of DDoS attacks such as IoT, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood / ICMP Attack, Syn Flood, Ping of Death / Ping Flood, HTTP Flood / Slow Loris, Application Level Attack / Layer 7 Attack, Degradation of Service Attack, Multi-vector Attack, Zero Day DDoS, DNS Amplification Attacks, Smurf Attacks, ACK Attack and Teardrop Attack.

FlowGuard systematically monitors and evaluates specific data flow changes, while attack protection is immediately activated when significant anomalies are detected. Through this method, FlowGuard ensures the resistance of your network infrastructure against modified or completely unknown types of attacks.

Center directly in the Czech Republic and Czech support 24/7

A clear advantage for Czech and Slovak users is the fact that FlowGuard is developing in the Czech Republic, with several scrubbing centers capable of eliminating even very massive attacks, and also a customer and technical support center. The FlowGuard Monitoring and Control Center operates in “24/7” mode, i.e. in continuous operation, supervised by experienced specialists with years of experience in the industry.

What are the options for deploying FlowGuard?

In principle, protection against DDoS attacks through FlowGuard can be implemented in three options that differ from one another in both the technical solution and the method of charging for the service.

FlowGuard Cloud

Premium protection solution against DDoS attacks. All traffic is permanently redirected using DNS or BGP in the FlowGuard Cloud service. Here, the data stream is continuously monitored and data is cleaned of malicious code. This option is appropriate for the protection of servers and critical IT infrastructure.

FlowGuard Hybrid

Standard protection solution against DDoS attacks. A hardware device (called CPE) is installed at the customer’s site to detect DDoS attacks. In case an attack is detected, data traffic is automatically redirected to the FlowGuard Cloud service.

FlowGuard CPE

Economic protection solution against DDoS attacks. A hardware device (called CPE) is installed at the customer’s site, which detects DDoS attacks, including their deflection, i.e. data traffic is not redirected to FlowGuard Cloud in the case of DDoS attack. However, this solution is not able to withstand massive attacks, and it can be considered only for basic protection.

Is your website protected
against an DDoS attack?

Consult the possibilities of protecting against DDoS attacks with our specialists. We will propose to you the most suitable solution that will fully meet your needs.

Also activate FlowGuard protection against attacks

We will help you secure your services against DDoS attacks. Together, we will select the most appropriate way of deployment and implementation. Are you under a DDoS attack? Fill in the form, we will respond in a few minutes and divert the infected traffic so that users can use your service.