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The task of FlowGuard Infrastructure Protection is to protect the network infrastructure from volumetric DDoS attacks in the L4 OSI model. This ensures the permanent availability of network services for the customer or, in case of Internet service providers and data centers, for its end customers.

Product FlowGuard Infrastructure Protection

Infrastructure Protection

Attacks aimed at our customers are, of course, not completely identical and differ in intensity and execution manner. For protection to be truly comprehensive, the FlowGuard solution is very clever. Uses self/learning mechanisms with unique algorithms.


The service is primarily operated in the cloud, to which network traffic is redirected using BGP. As a part of preparation our specialists will help you solve technical issues related to this technology. And i fit is suitable for the customer, it can also work in hybrid mode, i.e. in combination with an on-site solution and a CPE device.

How does it work?

FlowGuard technology provides protection in two phases.


Mechanisms in the cloud first detect an attack and then mitigate the data flow that tries to flood the target infrastructure. Self-learning mechanisms themselves select the necessary special approach and special measures according to the type of attack. That`s why FlowGuard always reliably identifies dangerous data.


Service benefits

Anti DDoS Solution

AntiDDoS – primary purpose of the service

  • Permanent protects your infrastructure from volumetric attacks. No one will have a chance to drop your network anymore.
DDoS protection provider

Overload protection

Protect DDoS by BGP router

Easy redirection of network traffic

  • We will help you with BGP redirection!
Icon Easy Implementation

Easy implementation

  • On-demand version including baseline collection.
schema mitigation

Icon blue arrow Service deployment

FlowGuard Infrastructure Protection is a service that we tailor for you according to the type of infrastructure you operate. We design a technical solution for you only after a thorough analysis of your environment.


The implementation is done as a project. Based on the introduction meeting, we evaluate your situation, jointly reconnoiter the terrain in your company, and then we suggest the most suitable solution and the possible scope of necessary assistance in implementation.

Icon Service Implementation
Icon Step one

Introduction meeting

Contact us, then we contact you and arrange an appointment.

Icon Step Two


We analyze your needs, recommend a suitable solution and tailor-made settings.

Icon Step Three


The solution works immediately after deployment. Your online services, data and infrastructure are secured.

How to start with FlowGuard?

Is your network infrastructure protected against DDoS attack? If the answer is I don`t know or not, consult our specialists for protection against DDoS attacks. Do you have special requirements for web protection? Contact us. We have a solution for you too!

Why FlowGuard?

Dohledové centrum

24 / 7 Monitoring center

Icon Anti ddos attack software

Smart attack detection

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help us to be on step ahead of the attackers.

Icon Shield DDoS Protection FlowGuard

Tested in practice

We continuously adjust the functionalities according to the current situation, e.g. size and attack vectors.

Icon FlowGuard Cloud

Fast cloud solution

We provide you with smooth operation, logging, 24/7 monitoring or cleaning from malicious code.

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